AMASS #4 – Your Definitions of Success and Wealth

Dec 18, 2021

Season’s Greetings,

If I were to ask you what you think of yourself, what would you say?

It’s easy to focus on what’s negative – I’m lazy, could lose some weight, be more disciplined.

But, what instead if you reflect more on your accomplishments - the roads you’ve travelled, mountains you’ve conquered?

They’ve gotten you where you are today, prepared you for what’s to come. Isn’t that something to be proud of?

This week’s post focuses on thinking of yourself more positively and recognising what matters most financially; to feel successful and wealthy throughout life, not someday in retirement.

One thing I look forward to every December is best-of compilations from the year gone by.

Here are fifty stunning photos from around the world.

Stay safe throughout the festive season and catch you in ’22.

Here’s this week’s post.


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