Being a Stand-Up Individual

Jul 19, 2020

What Do You Value?

Ever heard someone say, “That’s a stand-up guy/gal”?

It’s rare, I know. Like, only in the movies rare.

The meaning and origin of the phrase are:

“The allusion is to someone who would be prepared to stand up and fight on your side if called on, that is, one who, in the words of the earlier (late 19th century) phrase, would 'stand up and be counted.”

For those of you uninitiated with the term, let me ask you -

How many friends do you have in life who:

  • You can always call on when you need their help or advice?
  • Will tell you when you’re wrong - not to have a go at you, but because they sincerely care?
  • Will be there because they said they would?
  • Return texts and phone calls when they can - not a week later, if at all?
  • Won’t make a promise they cannot deliver?
  • You know to be an authentic, moral human being who treats everyone with the respect they deserve?
  • You can count on to do the right thing?

Deep down, how many?

I can count mine on one hand.

And a disclaimer: To all my friends and colleagues - if you think this is me having a go at you, it’s not...but thanks for the ammunition. 🤪

We’re all a work in progress, and I’m not saying I’m any of these things. I have my faults and shortcomings too - just ask my ex-girlfriends, they’ll tell you.

But it’s what I strive for, and what’s lacking in this self-absorbed world we live in.

Yes, we’ve all got our own shit to deal with. Doesn’t mean you can’t at least reply with a text to say, “Sorry I missed your call.”

And the thing is there are enough bad seeds out there to give your industry a reputation.

Tradies, I hate to say it, but I’m talking to you. So, pull your fucking head in and take note. 😉

We all have our off days. That’s life. But people see you for the person you really are.

People who value honesty, integrity, keeping your word - they see through the bullshit.

I didn’t need to join the military to know these things.

I can attribute a big part of who I am to my parents. I wouldn’t be sharing this with you today if it wasn’t for them and I’ll never be able to thank them enough.

And having a military background or being a figurehead doesn’t give you the right to think you have any of these qualities, or that you’re above anyone else.

I take pride in having served my country, no matter how small a part compared to the most decorated soldier, but I won’t “accidentally” drop it in conversation to impress you, in fact, if you met me, you probably would never guess I had served.

If you were self-aware, you wouldn’t need to hear these things.

You would know. That’s the difference.

But now that you recognise it, it’s up to you to decide if you want to improve. To make a difference.

There are plenty of shit-fights in the military, just as there are in any industry or group.

But outstanding individuals always rise to the top, which is why the military is looked upon with high regard; because of stand-up individuals we look up to and admire.

Individuals like Jocko Willink and David Goggins.

And if we turn our focus to our own land, I’ll give you two leaders here I admire and respect.

You might not like or agree with them, but realise you will never have the full picture they do, and the decisions they make are as tough as asking you to make a choice between your children, so cut them some slack.

Our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, and the NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian.

Yes, they've made mistakes - we all do. The difference is your mistakes are known to a handful of people in comparison.

Imagine if you had a camera on you almost everywhere you went. Could you handle being “on” for the cameras every day? Imagine what the tabloids would say about how you conduct yourself.

Maybe it’s not a priority in your life. We’re all different, and our differences are what make the world go around.

Do you think Kim Kardashian would ever return your phone call?


If you’ve made it this far, firstly thank you, because there will be plenty who will either tell me to fuck off or are not interested in reading this.

You are part of what’s good in this world and should be doing your bit to make it a better place.

As with any of my material, it’s one thing to acknowledge it, but another to apply it.

And by making one small change to improve each day, something as small as smiling at someone when your eyes meet, male or female, with no other reason than to be nice, you’re making a difference.

We all know the wrong people in life are breeding far too much than what’s good for society.

Let’s not let their (lack of) values proliferate along with them otherwise, it’ll be a miserable world to live in.

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